Daniel Palmier UCFunds

“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.” – Joel Brown

Daniel Palmier: founding President and CEO of UC Funds

Daniel Palmier believes strongly that real estate investment requires a sophisticated understanding of finance and the ability to see his partner’s vision and craft a capital solution that makes sense for all parties involved.

As founding President and CEO of UC Funds LLC., formerly UC Funding LLC. Daniel Palmier leads his team at UC funds to continue achieving their high standards. UC Funds is a specialty finance lender, founded in 2010 providing bridge, mezzanine equity and permanent loan solutions. The U in UC stands for Ubuntu, a South African word that translates as “because of you, I am.” As a 10-year season ticket holder with the Boston Celtics, Dan Palmier was inspired by the team’s use of the word in the 2007-2008 season, when the Celtics put the previous season’s losing record behind them and won the NBA Finals. UC Funds has generated over $750 Million since inception and projects over $1 Billion by the end of 2014. Since its establishment, UC Funds has structured and invested in over 100 transactions.

Daniel Palmier and his team at UC Funding provide the following creative capital solutions: bridge loans, adaptive-re-use, mezzanine capital, preferred equity, joint venture equity, permanent loan solutions, micro capital, development capital, construction capital, condominium conversion loans, discounted note, DIP financing, real estate owned, and land. The company’s most popular loan products include bridge loan programs, mezzanine/preferred equity, CMBS programs, and permanent loans.

Maintaining a focus on the three core disciplines:underwriting, loan structuring, and asset management, UC Funds work in partnership with their clients across a range of industries. With underwriting, Daniel Palmier and his associates listen to their entrepreneurial clients carefully, see the property from the clients’ point of view, and fulfill the clients’ vision. In loan structuring, Daniel Palmier and his associates use their comprehensive understanding of financial markets and create customized financial structures. Daniel Palmier provides borrowers with innovative capital solutions to suit their unique financing needs. With asset management, UC Funding’s post-origination services include the administration of the loan, as well as making sure to understand the owner’s needs.

Daniel Palmier and his associates at UC Funds employ a philosophy of excellence in all aspects of their business dealings, and in particular aim to deliver the highest level of service to its borrowers. Their goal is to make every client a repeat client by providing exceptional service that is second to none. As a result, they have already earned the loyalty of many distinguished clientele.

UC Funding is a full service lender with all key disciples represented in-house by the best and brightest commercial real estate and structured finance executives. Daniel Palmier has assembled an outstanding due diligence team to quickly analyze subject properties and give his underwriting team the ability to make good decisions – quickly. UC Funding’s fully integrated asset management and loan servicing teams handle every post-closing aspect of the lender-borrower relationship, including the timely and efficient processing of construction draws. Unlike many of its competitors, UC Funding’s servicing team services all loans that they close directly in order to provide continuity to borrowers for the entire life of the loan – the end result being an efficient customer-centric process that results in real time communications and information exchanges between the lender and borrower.

Daniel Palmier and UC Funding provide exceptional customer service. This company is unique from its competitors because their team services all loans that they close. As a result, they provide continuity to borrowers for the entire life of the loan. The client relationship with this company does not end at closing.

There have been many satisfied clients of Daniel Palmier and UC Funding

Michael T. Reed, Chief Operating Officer of V.T.T. Management, Inc:

“Thank you very much for the smooth and seamless process on our first loan with you. The wire just arrived. From the moment the process began, your team was very responsive — I told Vaios that throughout the process, I could tell how focused you were on meeting the closing deadline of July 20th. It was very impressive. Not many loans in this economic climate are getting done this smoothly and efficiently – I hope it is the first of many loans between UC and VTT.”

John DiMenna Jr., President of Seaboard Properties Inc:

“I wanted to drop you a line and personally let you know how pleased I am to be working with you and your team at UC Funding. From the start, you have been a true “valued partner” – you have listened, advised and carried out commitments in record time. As we grow and seek opportunities in the marketplace its reassuring to know we have a partner in UC Funding that has become our one-stop solution for all of our capital needs. In the last number of months, our financing needs have been diverse and ranged from $500K to $20mm, involving the capital stack of Bridge, Mezzanine, Equity and Permanent loans. The one constant has been working with your team of professionals who are responsive, know the market, and fully understand the needs of the entrepreneur.”

Brian O’Neill of O’Neill Properties Group:

“The largest transfer of real estate wealth in the past 100 years is occurring right now! Few lenders and investors have the foresight and courage to participate, this leaves the bulk of the pie to those who do. Fortunately, Dan Palmier and his associates at UC are supporting our investments with lightning fast creative lending solutions which are enabling us to execute quickly in this exciting market!”

Previously, Mr. Palmier co-founded and acted as President and CEO of Potomac Realty Capital. Potomac originated $3 Billion from 2004-2009. He has been in the real estate and financing business for over 25 years, cultivating strong relationships with both leading senior lenders and real estate entrepreneurs. Before launching Potomac Realty Capital, Mr. Palmier was Executive Vice President of Arbor Realty Trust (NYSE: “ABR”), overseeing the company’s overall credit, risk and asset management functions. During his seven years with Arbor, he structured, asset-managed and financed $2 Billion of structured finance projects. During his final three years at Arbor, Mr. Palmier structured and originated the highest volume of transactions for the firm. He also co-managed Arbor’s Road Show for a $120 Million 144A equity raise (2003), first CDO issuance (2004) and ABR’s IPO (2004).

Before joining Arbor, he was a Vice President with Lehman Brothers Holdings (NYSE: “LEH”) where he managed $18 Billion of investments in publicly traded limited partnerships and was responsible for all aspects of real estate.

Daniel Palmier promotes healthy living at UC Funds

Dan Palmier purchased his Fitbit Force in December of 2013 with a goal of being more connected with ways to improve his general health fitness. Fitbit Inc. is a company based in San Francisco, California and is known for its products of the same name which are wireless-enabled wearable devices that measure data such as the number of steps walked (activity tracker), quality of sleep, calories spent, distance traveled, and the active minutes and quality of activity throughout the day. Fitbit’s motto is “Fit health into every occasion.”

Through his personal experience, Daniel Palmier learned that having a Fitbit is a good program and would be significantly beneficial for his investment team. As a result, Dan Palmier decided to help his UC Funds team, family and friends, by purchasing at least 40 Fitbits and distributing them. The most important aspect of Dan’s fitbit success is that his investment team and family members also used Fitbit to improve their health, quality of life, and collegiality during the longest winter in Boston’s recent history.

Daniel Palmier is inspired to finance UC Green

Daniel Palmier, president and CEO of UC Funds supports the environment by funding incubator research in the development of sustainable energy sources. In addition to supporting worthwhile research in institutions, Dan and his some James Castillo-Palmier, a freshman at University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in environmental science and business, started a new business together called UC Green. The genesis for UC Green came from James’ experimentation with sustainable energy sources in the form of fuel for cars. Dan donated a garage bay, equipment such as capture containers, strainers, filters, and the startup capital for James to experiment. James put his research together with the available resources creating biodiesel made from vegetable oil. James continues to perfect and expand his manufacture of biodiesel. James currently produces enough biodiesel to provide 100% of the fuel needed for his automobile (Volkswagen Jetta diesel) and the family tractor.

James product is made from feed stock acquired through partnerships formed with various restaurants in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. James takes used vegetable waste oil from restaurants and transforms the waste into usable biodiesel. James currently produces biodiesel at a cost of 50 cents a gallon while diesel at the commercial pumping station is well over $4 dollars per gallon. Further, James’ biodiesel product actually burns cleaner than regular diesel.

James’ goal is for America to become more energy efficient and independent by decreasing the need to import fossil fuels from foreign countries. Further, America can also become more environmentally conscious by converting a waste product into a cleaner burning fuel.

Mr. Palmier earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Science degree in Real Estate from New York University and is a Certified Public Accountant (not active).