The Palmier Foundation

“Giving is not a choice, it’s an obligation.” 

Daniel Palmier, founder and CEO of UC Funds, started the Palmier Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation established for the purpose of giving back.  “I am very blessed to have a supportive team, top notch education and great role models in my life.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help someone who may not be as blessed as I am.”  Daniel Palmier funds the Palmier Foundation with profits from select transactions thereby creating a development fund, which will be further invested to maximize profits.  The profits will then be distributed to selected charities in in order to have the most positive global and community impact.

Daniel Palmier’s philosophy

 “Giving is not a choice, it’s an obligation.” 

Daniel has shown social responsibility through support of many worthwhile causes starting when Daniel Palmier studied at the University of Notre Dame, where Daniel earning a bachelor of science degree in business administration.  At Notre Dame, Daniel participated in Bengal Bouts, a charitable boxing tournament, founded in the 1920’s by Knute Rockne and then officially named in 1931 for the purpose of raising funds for the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh.  Daniel also became a regular contributor to Notre Dame’s Sorin Society, a group that works to provide financial aid to deserving students, strengthen the university’s academic programs, and improve student life.  Daniel also attends, and sponsors the Notre Dame Wall Street Dinner, where Notre Dame Alumni and leaders in industry discuss business ethics, opportunities and mentoring of Notre Dame Grads.

Daniel Palmier supports Christian charity

To promote Christian charity worldwide, Daniel regularly contributes to Our Lady of Fatima, both NH and MA Catholic Charities, Calvary Children’s Home, St. Christopher’s, and the City Church.  Daniel contributes to the Catholic Schools Foundation which has provided a Catholic School Education to underprivileged intercity youth, and to Rosie’s Place, which provides a haven for abused, indigent, and homeless women.

Daniel’s contributions to the Assembly of God Alliance have helped fund the Haiti Self Sustainability Project.  Those donations went to the Aide Aux Enfants orphanage (AAEO) in St. George, Haiti.  The funds were used to purchase clothing for the children, 40 new mattresses and sheets for the children, an electric pump for assistance in drawing water out of the well, materials for the fixing and construction bed frames, and the purchase of sewing machines, needles and thread for making and repairing clothing and cloth products. In addition to raw building materials and equipment, the remainder of the assistance provided was used for educational and structural help in order to enable the orphanage to become more self-sufficient.

Daniel’s contributions to the Asian Christian Academy in Bangalore India helped build a 2500 student school for grades K-12, a Christian seminary for 160 students, 35 bed hospital, a mobile medical unit which provides health care to villages.  Daniel Palmier hopes that his contributions to health and education in India will help alleviate poverty and do away with the social caste system.

Daniel Palmier, graduate of St. Christopher’s Class of 1975 and president and CEO of UC Funding was instrumental in raising funds for the storm-ravaged Staten Island St. Christopher’s School and for the American Red Cross for families in need.  Palmier set an initial goal to raise $50,000, which UC Funding  matched.  Within two weeks, Palmier and UC Funding had raised over $100,000 for the St. Christopher’s relief effort, in addition to $50,000 previously raised for the American Red Cross.  UC Funding also hosted a donation drive throughout the Greater Boston area, collecting hundreds of bags of supplies, which the company transported to Staten Island as Hurricane Sandy relief.  To quote Daniel “Our gift to the families of St. Christopher’s School was inspired by my grandmother who lived her life devoted to her three ‘F’s’ Faith, Family and Friends, and she instilled these beliefs in her children and grandchildren.”

Daniel Palmier supports education

Daniel Palmier regularly contributes to student scholarship.  For example, Daniel has contributed to fund raisers for the Intercity Scholarship Program and the Catholic Schools Foundation.  Daniel Palmier donates to the Masconomet Music Parents Association (MMPA), a non-profit corporation promoting music education in grades 7 through 12 in the North Shore area of Massachusetts.  Daniel, a longtime supporter of the performing and visual arts, understands the importance of music in education, the cost, and the few affordable opportunities for aspiring artists.  Daniel’s donations allow MMPA to reach more deserving music students with awards recognizing their scholarship and educational needs.

Daniel Palmier runs the Boston Marathon

Running in memory of President Emeritus Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh (“Father Ted”), businessman and philanthropist, Daniel Palmier with the Palmier Foundation, LLC, competed in the 2015 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20, 2015 and raised over $200,000 for charities including InterVol and Notre Dame Haiti Missions.

The Notre Dame Haiti Program, founded by Reverend Tom Streit, C.S.C., is a world leader in the fight against Lymphatic Filariasis (LF). LF is a parasitic disease spread by mosquitos in tropical climates like Haiti. LF is the second leading cause of disability in the world, with over 120 million people already infected. Over the past two decades, Father Streit, Notre Dame staff, students, and alumni, like Dan Palmier, have worked persistently to eliminate LF while identifying and creating solutions to tackle other endemic problems linked to LF, such as reducing iodine deficiency.

Daniel Palmier works with Notre Dame’s Alumni

In furtherance of Notre Dame’s charitable endeavors in Haiti, Dan Palmier and the Palmier Foundation are working with other Notre Dame Alumni to raise a total of $400,000 to complete the fortified salt plant in Haiti this year.   With the salt plant and the efforts to address the problem of LF in Haiti, Notre Dame and Dan Palmier provide hope and relief to the Haitian people while living out Notre Dame’s mission to “cultivate in its students not only an appreciation for the great achievements of human beings, but also a disciplined sensibility to the poverty, injustice, and oppression that burden the lives of so many.”

Notre Dame’s methods to eliminate the transmission of LF have evolved to a three-pronged approach; mass drug administration (MDA), the production and distribution of fortified salt, and healing work for those already suffering from LF.  Notre Dame and its partners – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population, Hospital Sainte Croix in Leogane, Haiti, the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis, and others – are steadily moving toward the creation of a model for worldwide elimination.

In further support of diversified education, Daniel Palmier ran the 2014 Boston Marathon in support of two charitable endeavors.  First, Daniel raised funds on behalf of Friends of Wellesley METCO, Inc. Friends of Wellesley METCO, Inc. is a charitable, all-volunteer organization comprised of parents and teachers in the Wellesley community and parents of METCO students who are committed to supporting METCO students during their time in the Wellesley school system.  Donations raised by Friends of Wellesley METCO, Inc. are used to subsidize a wide range of programs including tutoring, summer enrichment, transportation coordination and scholarships for worthy students.  When asked why he supports METCO, Daniel responded “The METCO program affords better education opportunities to urban children and provides a more culturally diverse learning environment for suburban schools.”

Daniel Palmier also ran the 2014 Boston Marathon to raise funds for the young families of two Boston Firefighters who lost their lives on March 26, 2014 protecting Boston during a 9 alarm fire.  Daniel, whose father was part of the New York Fire Department for years understands the tragic loss and needs of family, has been moved to support for these families in their time of need and hopefully build a small “nest egg:” for the future educational needs of the children of these heroes who gave their lives for the community.

Daniel Palmier promotes health and fitness

Following his interest in promoting health, Daniel has also donated his time and energy to raising funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center, and Matt’s Promise, an organization dedicated to research, treatment and extinction of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Daniel regularly sponsor and attend the fund raising events for the New London Hospital in New Hampshire.  Daniel’s contributions to the Assembly of God Alliance helped fund a Cardiac Care Unit in a hospital in St. George Haiti.

Daniel Palmier supports athleticism and sportsmanship.  As an alumnus of Staten Island’s Monsignor Farrell High School and University of Notre Dame, Daniel participated in competitive athletics as a basketball player and boxer.  Athleticism and sportsmanship are part of Daniel’s “Fit for Life” philosophy.

Daniel Palmier believes in health and fitness

Daniel, along with his son, Henry Castillo-Palmier, a competitive high school soccer player, solicit donations of equipment and funds for Soccer Support Abroad (SSA) which provides underprivileged children in developing countries abroad with soccer equipment and education.  Since 2011’s inception, SSA launched a school wide effort through the Belmont Hill School to help the underprivileged youth of many poor villages in Costa Rica.  SSA’s 2013-2014’s project will focus on the impoverished children of several villages in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Through repeat donations of cash and supplies, Daniel continues to support St. Christopher’s School on Staten Island rebuild its athletic facilities.  Daniel had also donated to UMass Amherst, Everett Crimson Tide Pop Warner, and the Lafayette College Crew Club.

An avid golfer, Daniel Palmier sponsors and attends many charitable Golf tournaments.  Daniel attended the Sue Walker Golf Tournament and the Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic in Golf Tournament in 2013.  Daniel plans on attending the Jeffry Osborn Celebrity Classic again in 2014, which will be attended by Magic Johnson, and raises fund for Amos House, Boys and Girls Clubs of Providence, The Met of Providence, and the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra and Music School.

Daniel Palmier supports humane treatment for animals

Daniel along with the help of his daughter Elisa Castillo-Palmier is committed to The Buddy Dog Humane Society, in the metropolitan Boston area, created to save stray dogs from destruction and laboratory experiments.  The current goal of the Buddy Dog Humane Society is to find responsible and permanent homes for all the animals in its care and to never practice euthanasia unless it is considered more humane to do so.

In furtherance of his humane treatment of animals, Daniel also contributes to the Loon Preservation Society of New Hampshire, which works to preserve loons and their habitats through programs of monitoring, research, and management.  Last year Daniel attended and donated to the Loon Preservation Society Annual Summer Luncheon, at Churchill Landing in Meredith, New Hampshire.

Through the establishment of the Palmier Foundation, Daniel Palmier hopes to continue their philanthropic efforts broader impact based scale, focusing on local, national and international programs promoting Christian Charity, Health, Arts, Education, Athleticism, Sportsmanship, and humane treatment of animals.