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Accomplished CEO, passionate philanthropist and dedicated family man, Daniel Palmier is firmly rooted in the Boston community, having given back to a number of organizations throughout the city, particularly to Boston’s Catholic Schools Foundation. Daniel has a holistic approach to philanthropy which includes local and overseas causes.

For Daniel Palmier, the lines are blurred between his professional life, philanthropy and his family. With an inarguable proven track record of success in the field of real estate finance, Daniel has built several companies from the ground up. With a gift for understanding how to generate funds successfully, Daniel has turned his hand to participating in, funding and supporting a wide variety of charitable causes and organizations. Upholding his strong belief that a philanthropic spirit can be instilled in anyone at an early age, Daniel works with every member of the Palmier family, standing side by side with his two sons and daughter to help them achieve their own philanthropic goals. In conjunction to his work as a CEO and Philanthropist, Daniel continues his lifelong dedication to healthy living.

Daniel Palmier’s professional life


daniel palmier workDaniel Palmier has over 25 years of experience in real estate finance markets and in lending industry trends.  All of this preparation has helped him become the successful founder and CEO of UC Funds.
Daniel Palmier’s real estate financing company has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in annual investments in its four years of operation.  Daniel Palmier received the experience needed to lead UC Funds from previously held leadership and management roles in real estate and portfolio management with companies such as Arbor Realty Capital and Lehman Brothers Holdings, in which he was responsible for $18 billion of partnership investments. 

Boston-based Daniel Palmier earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Notre Dame University and earned his Master’s degree in Real Estate at New York University.  He is a proud member of the National Multi-Housing Council and the Commercial Mortgage Securities Association.

Daniel Palmier’s charity work

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Daniel Palmier and his family have many charitable interests such as the St. Christopher School on Staten Island in New York.  The Palmier Family has played a significant role in keeping the school open after the devastation from Hurricane Sandy.  Through cash and supply donations, Daniel and his family continue to support the school and help rebuild its athletic facilities. 

Daniel Palmier also donates to the Assembly of God Alliance and the Haiti Self Sustainability Project.  Daniel’s donation went to the Aide Aux Enfants Orphanage (AAEO) in St. George, Haiti.  The funds were used to purchase clothing for the children, 40 new mattresses and sheets for the children,  materials for the fixing and construction bed frames and an electric pump for assistance in drawing water out of the well,.  The representatives also purchased a sewing machine, needles, threads for making and repairing clothing and cloth products.  In addition to raw building materials and equipment, the remainder of the majority of the assistance was used for educational and structural help in order to enable the orphanage to become more self-sufficient.

Daniel Palmier also understands the serious nature of cardiac arrest.  As a result, Daniel Palmier is currently mobilizing substantial aid to communities in Haiti with a particular emphasis on their hospital’s cardiac arrest services. Daniel Palmier also supports Christian charity.  Daniel donated $100,000 to the Asian Christian Academy where his contributions were used in Bangalore, India to help build a 2500 student school for grades K-12, a Christian seminary for 160 students, a 35 bed hospital, and a mobile medical unit which provides healthcare to villages. 

Daniel Palmier and his family recently founded the Palmier Foundation to formally give back to more causes close to their hearts.  For example, Daniel ran the 2015 and 2014 Boston Marathon in support of raising money for the One Fund Boston, Lieutenant Walsh - Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund, and Friends of Wellesley METCO, Inc. Daniel also participated in the Jimmy Fund walk and plans to run the Boston Marathon again in 2016.

Daniel Palmier promotes health and well-being

daniel palmier boston

In 2013, Daniel Palmier purchased Fitbit Force to expand on his passion personal fitness and the health of those around him. Fitbits are wireless personal devices which measure activity, quality of sleepand calories spent. Daniel personally purchased Fitbits for all of his family, friends and colleagues. As a result, Daniel has seen remarkable results.

UC Funds employees are now taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and walking across town instead of taking a car.  Daniel noticed that UC Fund employees started collegial competitions, and the talk "around the water cooler" often focuses on who is leading in activity.  Daniel believes that his "Fit Bit" gift to employees has positively affected the overall mental and physical health of the work environment and foster a stronger, healthier team.  As a result, UC Funds employees will be able to continue to deliver reliable, creative, speedy, expert service to its customers and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The “Fit Bit” is just another way that Dan Palmier practices his philosophy of maintaining “Fitness for Life.”  Dan also “Boxes with Bobby” and takes Yoga lessons near his office.  Dan often invites his employees to join him in his workouts.  Both Boxing and Yoga are excellent ways to release excess adrenaline from high stress desk jobs, and the "Fit Bit" helps the employee keep track of each activity.  The "Fit Bit" program has been a success for all involved at UC Funds.  Daniel considers it a personal achievement to see his investment team and community of friends and family improve their quality of life, especially during the longest winter in Boston’s history.

Besides enjoying boxing, golfing, yoga, you’ll find Daniel being lead around the world by his taste buds. Known for his impersonations and silly voices Daniel has a dry sense of humor and quick wit. He also rides a horse, not as well as his daughter, but he manages to stay on. When he is not working or supporting Boston schools, Daniel Palmier enjoys attending Boston Celtics games. He has been a season ticket holder with the team for more than a decade.



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